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Amman Valley | well-being Assessment



The Amman Valley community area includes the electoral divisions of Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen and Lower Brynamman.

Due to its setting the Amman Valley is surrounded by hills with access to the surrounding countryside by a range of rights of way. The disused railway line, which passes through the area, provides an important green corridor and recreational facility.



Social well-being was described by survey respondents as being:

Being active and healthy

Being able to socialise and exercise

Achieving healthy friendship


Other factors discussed included facilities for people to access to enable connection through participation in recreational activities.
Potential improvements in social well-being were focused on improved parks, recreational spaces and clubs for children.


Survey respondents from the Amman Valley defined economic wellbeing in terms of:

long-term financial stability

Secure employment

free from financial worries

The latest census information (2011) shows that there was 4.8% unemployment in the Amman Valley and of those aged 16 and over, 30.3% have no qualifications, which is higher than the all Wales figure of 25.9%.

Of the 1,820 homes in the area, 1246 (68.5%) were identified as being deprived using one or more of the following 4 dimensions of deprivation; employment, education, health / disability and household overcrowding (Census 2011).


The Amman Valley is dominated by upland open habitats, such as acid grassland and wetland. These habitats support important species such as:


Brown Hare

The Marsh Fritillary Butterfly

The Amman Valley has over five local wildlife rich areas and one Site of Special Scientific Interest. These are areas that have been selected for their local biodiversity value.

Residents defined environmental well-being in terms of maintaining accessible places for the community, protection from pollution and flooding and having easy access to recycling. These issues were also reflected in terms of factors that contribute to well-being, with clean air, pollution control and investment in open spaces and places of interest being cited.

With regard to environmental improvements, increased investment and enhanced transport links were raised, along with access to reliable and affordable energy.


In the Amman Valley there was a strong emphasis on culture relating to Welsh heritage, values and traditions and ensuring that these passed on to the next generation through cultural events.

The area has six listed buildings and there is also one community run library in Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen.

In total there are currently six parks/playgrounds in the Amman Valley; five of these have fixed play equipment and three have a Multi-Use Games Area.

With regards to the Welsh language, the Amman Valley area has the highest percentage of Welsh speakers across the County Borough – 57.3% (2,352). The opportunity to speak Welsh was also highly valued by people living in the Valley.

The number of people from black and minority ethnic groups in the Amman Valley community area is small, which is reflected in the position in the County Borough as a whole.

Information from the Census shows a decrease in the percentage of people who identified themselves as Christian, from 71% in 2001 to 56% in 2011.  During the same period, there was also a noticeable increase in people declaring that they had ‘no religion’, from 20% to 35%.


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Tel: 01639 763418

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Email: improvement@npt.gov.uk